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Pros of having a semi automatic washing machine

Nowadays, with everyone having a busy schedule, having a fully automatic machine is a need and a must in every home. The whole market is flooded with types of the fully automatic machine of different brands. It does not require any manual effort and is convenient to use. With the growing trend of this, semi automatic has lost its charm. It is time-consuming and even requires a lot of manual effort. The working of both machines is completely different from one another. But, now both are almost available at the same prices that fit the budget of a common man easily. 

Pros of having a semi automatic machine 

Most people who have been using this machine might find some advantages but overall, it’s filled with disadvantages and a bad experience.

  • Its time consuming: It’s isn’t easy and user-friendly as a fully automatic machine is. You can’t just press a single button and sit down and relax till everything gets done. One needs to stand with it through the whole washing process. 
  • It is hard on garments: Though it claims many types of fabrics can be washed in it. But, the threads of the garments during the wash get tangled in the washing drum. One cannot even wash lingerie and delicate garments in this like in a fully automatic. 
  • Not hygienic, cleaning results: If you compare it with the cleaning of a fully automatic machine then, the cleaning in this machine isn’t effective at all. The clothes come out in wrinkles, and not very fresh.
  • There is an Electrical risk: With twin tub machines, one needs to be extra careful. When shifting clothes from washing drum to spinning drum, you might drop some water. So, remember switching off the plug point or you might get an electric shock. 
  • Spinning performance issues: You might face unreliable spinning performance. Sometimes it takes less time and sometimes more time for spinning your clothes dry. This usually happens due to pipe and water issues. The water needs to reach the clothes in the spinning drum at the right time.
  • The machine is very noisy and vibrating: The motor of the semi automatic washing machine is very noisy. While spinning, the machine vibrates a lot. This usually happens when the clothes or threads of the clothes get stuck in the spinning drum.

Buying a semi automatic washing machine is an investment for a long duration therefore, it is best that you choose after knowing all the pros and cons.  

How to take care of your microwave oven

Your kitchen becomes modern by just having a microwave in it. It would be hard in today’s time to find a household that does not have a microwave. This change has taken place with a wide range of microwaves that are available in the market loaded with so many features. Choosing the perfect microwave for yourself is important but you should know how to take care of your microwave for best results.

For taking the perfect care of your microwave oven, you should be aware of certain guidelines and parameters. If you use your microwave properly, its life will be extended automatically. The biggest mistake made by the user is that they neglect their microwave and its maintenance. Over a period of time, if you don’t take care of the wear and tear it might affect your kitchen.

Importance of taking care of your microwave oven

Most of the users often oversee the importance of covering the top of their cooking subject. A food cover always prevents the food and oil from splattering and staining the interior of your microwave. If you do not cover the food, these stains can damage the internal working of your microwave. It’s best that you make a routine of cleaning the stains inside your microwave after every use so that no permanent stain is built. You can use a clean cloth to wipe and get rid of the stains. Do not use harsh materials for cleaning as they can leave dents and scars. Ensure your microwave is always dry as moisture can have serious consequences on the internal working structure.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is to use microwave friendly utensils only. To get the best out of your best microwave oven. Due to the materials used and their nature, steel and metal utensils are not used in the microwave. It is strictly prohibited. It is said that polyesters and plastic utensils are good but, some melt inside the microwave. So, it’s advisable that microwave-safe utensils are used. A good way to determine if the utensil is microwave friendly is by examining whether it gets hot when you cook it in the microwave. If it gets very hot, then it isn’t meant for microwave.

By taking care of your kitchen counterpart, there are many benefits in the future. You not only will extend the life of your microwave but, it performs at its full efficiency throughout its life.